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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Stay Sane as a Work at Home Mom

The other day, someone asked me what it's like to be a work at home mom. I just blinked back at him, my mind blank. How could I possibly describe life as a work at home mom? Only someone who's lived it can understand the juggling act it requires.

Work at home moms have the usual responsibilities of being a mom - folding laundry, scheduling doctor's appointments, helping with homework, reading bedtime stories, and basically being on call 24-hours a day. In addition, there is the conundrum of how to find time to work and answer emails, do networking, update bookkeeping, make phone calls, and more. And, it must fit into a 24 hour day. So, how do we do it? How do we stay sane in the chaos?

It's disclaimer time. I am not the person to give advice on sanity. I'm pretty sure I filed away my sanity last year when I did taxes. I have my days where I say "That's it! I'm getting a regular job!" But, then I talk to my wonderful friend who reminds me of the reality of the real world -- the traffic, the boss who won't let me go to my son's field trip, and the fact that I'd probably have to buy pantyhose again. She manages to slap some sense back into me every time. I hate pantyhose.

Working from home the last few years, I've picked up a few handy tips. They aren't magic beans, that, when planted, will grow you a nanny and a housekeeper, but they can help you to enjoy being a work at home mom just a little bit more.

10. Freezer Cooking! This is my personal life-saver. Spend one day during the week or one day each month assembling meals and your reward is a freezer filled with food. Then, when it's time to make dinner, just grab a healthful, inexpensive meal from your freezer, heat it up and serve. Think about it. Next time you cook dinner, quadruple the recipe and put what you don't eat into the freezer for later. Presto! Magic food will appear in your freezer the next time you need it.

9. Pay it Forward- By helping others, it reminds us that many of our own problems are much smaller than they appear. Whether you donate money, give blood, or volunteer your time, you are setting a beautiful example for your children. Involve your older kids and make volunteering a family activity.

8. Stay Healthy - Dust off your rollerblades, strap a pillow across your bottom and hit the pavement. Or surprise your children and the dog with a nice long walk.

7. Organize, organize, organize! If you're spending hours each week sorting through piles of paper, looking for receipts or "to do" lists, that is wasted time and unnecessary frustration. Sweep the Magic 8 ball, the empty jar of peanuts, the Slinky, and the Snickers wrapper off your desk right now. You can do it!

6. Save Money - As Benjamin Franklin wrote in Poor Richard's Almanac "A penny saved is a penny earned." Work at home moms know how hard it can be to earn a penny. So, do everything you can to save those hard-earned cents.

5. Time Management - Don't let Time Stealers make you work any longer than you need to. When you're sitting in front of your computer or talking on the phone, that is time away from your children. Always remember your "why". WHY are you working from home? If the reason is to spend more time with your kids, then figure out how to make that happen!

4. Learn and Learn some More! - Find a mentor or someone who you like the way they handle their business. Network with other moms who are successful, take online classes, or hire a coach. Invest in yourself and you'll invest in your business.

3. Play with your Kids - Whether you sit down to play a board game, or drive Hot Wheels around the carpet, there's always fun to be had. If you need some ideas, check out

2. Keep your sense of humor. Laugh every day! Turn off your computer, put in your copy of The Village People "YMCA" (I know you have one) and Dance! Dance! Dance! and the number one way to stay sane as a Work at Home Mom .....

1. Always remember "The days are long, but the years are short." Although it oftentimes feels like the days drag by as a work at home mom, remember that the years are flying by. It's that reminder that keeps me grounded on days when the projects are heavy and the beach is calling.

If you're looking for me, you can find me at the beach!

Nicole Dean is the mostly-sane Mom behind - helping WAHMs Succeed. If you want to be a successful and mostly-sane work at home mom, too, don't miss Nicole's free tutorial at

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Scrapbooking for Money

Woudn't it be a dream to profit from your love of scrapbooking?
Here are four of the most popular ways to earn money from your scrapbooking hobby:

1. Become a Scrapbook Consultant

Research the variety of direct sales scrapbooking companies that
allow you to earn a commission on products that you sell at
scrapbooking classes, crops, and other events. Some such direct
sales companies have very flexible provisions that could
even allow you to sign up just to get the consultant
discount on your own supplies - or the supplies you use
in custom scrapbooks that you make for others.

2. Teach Scrapbooking Locally

Offer to teach at scrapbooking stores, or community education
centers - or work with a direct sales company to offer classes
in Card making, Mini Albums, Scrapbooking 101, Rubber Stamping,
About Me Scrapbooking, and more. Also consider offering classes
that revolve around special events in people's lives. For example,
you can help people plan baby showers and wedding showers in which
guests come together to learn about scrapbooking and make a treasured
memento in the process. This is an amazing way to make valuable
difference in people's lives and relationships.

3. Create Custom Scrapbooks For Others

Some companies are starting to offer comprehensive kits that make
this process much easier, with everything you need to create albums
for others along various themes. You can charge by the page or by
the hour. Sue DiFranco of Fun Facts Publishing
( has published an informative
book on this topic, titled "Make Money Making Scrapbooks for Others,"
which is particularly helpful when trying to determine how to
price your work. Check out this yahoogroup for more information
on this option, as well:

4. Set up a Scrapbooking Store Online

Whether you stock your own products or become an affiliate of an
existing online scrapbooking store, this is a fun way to build a
career in scrapbooking, no matter where you live - though the
overhead on starting your own store can be high. You may want
to investigate the ecommerce capabilities and policies of
various direct sales scrapbooking companies, as well, to
reduce your overhead still further.

A scrapbooking business is one of the most rewarding opportunities
as it allows you to help people in your community to capture and
celebrate life. Enjoy discovering the opportunities for making a
scrapbooking business work for you!

Susie Cortright is the founder of Momscape's Scrapbooking Playground at and a Team Captain for a large group
of scrapbooking instructors. Find out about the opportunity she chose here: (This article can also be found
Make Money Scrapbooking

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Creating And Maintaining A Mailing List

Starting to collect proper information to create a mailing list is not
difficult, once you know how to proceed. In this report, uses for
mailing lists are briefly described. The first steps in identifying the
names that might be included on your mailing list are also outlined.
Finally, the important concept of a database is introduced.


Mailing lists are a versatile tool that your business or
organization can use to help achieve many administrative and marketing

1. In Daily Administration: For-profit and nonprofit organizations
alike use mailing lists constantly in their day-to-day operation.
Well-maintained mailing lists are required to efficiently carry out
important activities such as:

* updating employee phone lists.

* sending company newsletters and special notices to employees.

* compiling membership directories.

* sending out newsletters to organization members.

* determining school bus routes.

* tracking and evaluating suppliers.

* monitoring contract commitments and schedules.

* alerting customers about warranty dates.

2. In Marketing: But it is in the marketing area that mailing lists
can really make a contribution to the "bottom line." Much of the
information in this report can be used for all list needs. Selling
through the mail via a catalog is one basic example of a marketing
application where a mailing list plays a very important role. The list
is the source of names to which the catalog is mailed. Today,
organizations of any size can benefit from using a mailing list in
marketing functions.

Here are some other marketing uses for which a mailing list is a critical ingredient:

* Soliciting orders without incurring the expense of a direct sales
call. (This can be particularly efficient for smaller accounts where
the amount of the order does not justify the high cost of a personal
sales call.)

* Generating and/or qualifying leads for your sales
staff or for another direct mail effort. Using direct mail to qualify
leads is another way to save on direct sales costs.

* Providing
background information about your product or services. This type of
effort can be used to generate leads, which are then followed up with
personal or telephone sales calls.

* Reminding patients of the need for periodic checkup appointments.

* Conducting a fundraising campaign.

* Increasing the membership of your organization.

* Extending invitations to attend a public meeting, a seminar, or a special event.

* Following up on contacts made in personal appearances (at a trade show or seminar, for example).

* Announcing changes in company personnel, product line, pricing structure or location.

* Obtaining referrals from current customers or members.

* Reviving inactive accounts.

* Building good will with customers or members.

You will find that the administrative and marketing uses for
mailing lists are almost endless. How many of the ones we've described
above would benefit your business or organization?

In the next section, we will define the different types of lists you can develop.


From a business or organizational point of view, everyone is not
equal. Just as a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, existing
customers are worth more than potential customers. The same principle
applies to mailing lists. They can be divided into four types,
according to the value of the names they contain:

1. Current Customer: Your list of current customers contains your
most valuable names. They have already bought your products or used
your services. They are the people or companies most likely to respond
again to your future offers.

In this booklet we refer to these names as "customers." However,
depending on your type of business or organization, the term "customer"
can also include a whole range of people (or organizations) such as:

* clients of professional service firms.

* donors who contribute time, money or goods to fundraising campaigns.

* investors in a business or stock issue.

* patients of health care practices.

* policyholders in an insurance agency.

* members of an association, religious or cultural institution, or club.

* subscribers to a magazine or newsletter.

* users of a sports or recreational facility.

2. Inquiries: Businesses or individuals who have contacted your
organization to request something - catalog, sample, quote, or perhaps
just information - are more likely to respond to your offers than
others who have not shown an interest in you. Further, the faster you
are able to contact an inquiry with an answer, the more likely it is
that he or she will react positively to your next offer.

3. Prospects: Prospects are potential customers. They are people who
have not yet responded to your offers nor inquired about your
organization. However, you have reason to believe that they may have a
need for or interest in your product or service. You also expect that
these prospects have the ability to pay (if you're selling a product or

(A smart way to look at your customers is to also view them as
prospects to be wooed and won for other products or services. Never
take a customer for granted. For example, a customer who has bought
only one product or service from you may be a prospect - and a very
good one - for the other products and services you offer.)

4. Suspects: Suspects are prospects who may have some potential to
become customers, but their need for your product or service (and their
ability to pay) is uncertain. Developing a mailing list of suspect
names should probably be the lowest priority for your business or

For each type of mailing list you create - customer, prospect,
inquiry, or suspect - you will want to keep basically the same
descriptive information (data) on each of the names you include. If you
can keep and maintain the same data on each of your customers, you can
find which common characteristics are processed by your best customers.
If you can then find prospects which closely match those
characteristics, you have a greater chance of success in your prospect

The next step, in creating your mailing list, is deciding on the data you should try to capture for each of the names.


This section of the report offers some preliminary guidance in
making the necessary decision about which piece of descriptive
information, or "data element," to include in your mailing list records.

When you are identifying the data elements you want to include in
your mailing list, you are really laying the groundwork for your

"Database" is a popular term among mailing list specialists today.
However, the concept of a data base is fairly simple. A database is a
collection of information about your customers, organized so it can be
easily expanded, updated, and accessed by any of a number of its
component parts or variable. Mailing information (name, address, etc.)
is part, but not all, of a database.

Why is a database so important? Let's begin by reviewing some basic principles:

* Whatever your product or service, there is an audience because of its
characteristics, is a "natural" customer group for you. For example,
expectant mothers are a natural audience for a store selling maternity

* The more you know about your customer, the better you will be able to appeal to their specific wants and needs.

* Prospects who share characteristics with your current customers are generally your best potential customers.

Therefore, to make decisions about what data elements to include in
your database, first determine what common characteristics your
customers share. For example:

* Do your customers share a certain level of income (in the case of
individuals) or annual sales volume(in case of businesses)?

* Do all of your customers have similar household sizes or numbers of employees(businesses)?

* Is age or number of years in business a common characteristic shared by your customers?

* Are your customers located in a specific area or a particular type of geographic location?

These are just a few of the characteristics your customers may share.

The following questions don't apply to prospects, but they can also help youdetermine who your best customers are:

* How often do your best customers buy - daily, monthly or even yearly?

* What sales volume makes them food customers?

* When was the last time they purchased?

* When do they buy? Anytime or only at certain times of the year?

The better you understand your best current customers, the better
you will be able to identify the data you want to maintain about
potential customers.

Copyright 2004 by DeAnna Spencer

Spencer is a virtual assistant that helps entrepreneurs run a
successful business by providing affordable administrative help. She
also publishes a blog for small business owners. Visit this small business resource today.

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Hostess Coaching - Your Roadway to Successful Home Shows

Many direct sales distributors rely heavily on home shows to market
their products. Unfortunately, this method of marketing seems to be a
bit more challenging than in previous decades.

While many of your
friends and family may have good intentions of opening up their homes,
the busy lifestyle that has swept the nation prevents many hostesses
from following through with their original intent. Sporting events,
school breaks, holidays, illnesses and weather conditions are only a
few of the factors leading to low party attendance or cancellations.

a world where shopping on the internet has become rather convenient, we
seem to have moved away from community entertainment in our homes. This
has created a difficult situation for those who have chosen to work
from home while relying on home shows as a primary source of income.

those who are motivated by a challenge, I encourage you to take a
closer look at your method of hostess coaching. You will find that your
contact with your hostess prior to your show will greatly
determine the outcome of both attendance and sales. If you are ready to
take the reigns of your success, the following steps will prove to be
beneficial in giving your business a financial face-lift.

Hostess coaching begins the moment you and your hostess agree on a date for your show.
At the time a date is determined, you will want to have a hostess
packet ready to hand over to your hostess so she can begin to make
arrangements with her friends to attend her party. This packet should
include the following:

  • 3-4 catalogs
  • 3-4 order forms for any outside orders
  • A 'wish list' for her to begin working towards her goal of earning FREE products
  • A guest list for her to document the name, address, phone number and email addresses
  • A self addressed, stamped envelope

Give your hostess a deadline to have her wish list and guest list in the mail.
I recommend a postmark date of 3 days after she has received the
hostess packet. Reward her with a special gift item if she has both of
these lists to you by the specified date and offer an additional gift
item if she gives you a completed guest list of 30 names or more.

Personally mail the postcard invitations for your hostess.
You are kidding yourself if you think your hostesses are getting their
invitations out in a timely manner, if at all. This is your
responsibility and is simply a business expense. If done properly, your
party attendance and sales will far outweigh the additional cost of

Make personal contact with each guest 1-2 days prior to the event.
Remember to remind them to bring a friend and let them know of any
incentives you offer if they follow through. If you are unable to make
personal contact, by all means leave a message!

Host a drawing.
This is a great way to get more information from your guests. Be sure
to encourage each person to put down their email address for future
notification of specials and new seasonal catalogs. This is critical in
finding out who might be interested in joining your team or perhaps
hosting a show.

Display future openings for home shows.
With this method, you determine the dates and times you want to work.
Write the date and time down on a note card and display this on your
table for all to see. Make it available for the guests to pluck the
card from the display and bring it directly to you upon checkout. You
may want to offer an incentive for booking a show that will be
presented to your hostess at the time of the show.

Have ready-made hostess packets available.
You will want to go over all the information in the packet with your
hostess. This way she can begin making plans immediately after she
leaves the party.

Be sure to publicly thank your hostess.
You must show your appreciation for your hostess publicly. During this
time, inform her guests of free or ½ price items she has earned as a
result of hosting the show. Let them know her goal to earn free items
and remind the guests that this is a great time to purchase gifts for
birthdays, holidays, graduations and special occasions.

Finally, have a Hostess Appreciation Show immediately after the new catalog is introduced.
It is a lot of fun to open your home to recognize your hostesses. As a
special hostess incentive, you may want to offer a discounted price on
any inventory you have accumulated during the previous season or
present them with a gift certificate for any purchases made from the
new catalog. This is a wonderful opportunity to book new shows by
providing a special luncheon with thank you gifts for each hostess. It
may be wise to invite frequent buyers to your appreciation show as a
way of saying thank you for their support of your business.

It is
important to remember that while you are self employed and fortunate to
be able to work from your homes, you must be self-motivated and willing
to work the business. Direct sales requires you to get out in your
community and begin networking with others to be successful. Be excited
about your product and promote your business opportunity and product
line to everyone you meet to obtain maximum exposure. You business will
begin to flourish once you begin to take the reigns and reap the
benefits of being in the driver’s seat leading to financial success!

Coffin enjoys working exclusively from her home in the Pacific
Northwest on the Washington Coast. She has been in marketing for the
past 10 years and has enjoyed the home show aspect of the direct sales
career opportunity. If you are interested in learning more about her
home candle business and how she has learned to successfully work her
business from the internet, you may visit her website at

For a complete product review you may visit

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Telemarketing Tips for Direct Sales Success


Unfortunately, the DNC legislation has many small businesses that
use telemarketers a bit concerned about their choice of direct sales
tactic. However, there are still many ways to have your message get
into the right people’s hands without annoying them. And the fact of
the matter is, telemarketing, as a direct sales tactic, works. Here are
some tips and ideas to get your sales flowing and customers thrilled
that you called them:

Find New Target Markets -

Have you
talked with your current customer base lately to find out what their
demographic standing is, on a whole? Most small businesses only do this
once every couple of years, instead of once every couple of months.
Find out who is using your products or services, and who they are: age,
sex, race, income bracket, family unit, rent or own, etc. You may find
that you haven’t been targeting some crucial groups that use your
business effectively. Then all you have to do is purchase a targeted
telemarketing list, and you’re well on your way to garnering more

Consider Outsourcing -

There are a great number
of telemarketing agencies currently that would be pleased to contact
demographically appropriate customers on your businesses behalf. Why
not save yourself the time and hassle of doing it all yourself, and
look into one of these companies. They may just save you more time and
money than you originally thought. Plus, if they specialize in products
or services that your company offers, the response rates may be more
than a bit surprising.

Test, Test, Test -

Before you start
calling a large number of potential customers, test your telemarketers,
the scripts and the telemarketing lists you are using, first. Listen to
your staff; they’ll tell you pretty quickly if something isn’t quite
right. Then, tweak whatever needs it, and try again. Not until you are
getting an appropriate response rate should you settle into a larger
scale operation – and don’t forget to test again if your response rates

Buy Quality -

If you want excellent results, you need
to pay for them. Make sure you’ve purchased a telemarketing list from a
reputable source that offers highly targeted customer lists only.
Freebie lists, or ones that you borrowed from a ‘similar’ company just
won’t work here. Without a great list that exemplifies similar
characteristics of your current customers, your telemarketing staff
will be frustrated in no time with their low response rates.

Burns - American Profiles Mailing Telemarketing List company.
Providing telemarketing lists to the direct marketing industry since

A full service mailing telemarketing list company with over 40,000 lists available.

Online counts and orders 24/7

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Have Fun, Make Money - Get Paid to Do What You Love


A little creativity can go a long way toward helping you make money
doing things you enjoy. Take a look at some of the suggestions here,
then think about ways you can get paid to do what you love to do.

paid to shop - Mystery shopping is a great way to make money in your
spare time by providing valuable customer service feedback to
businesses. It's flexible and fun, and just about anyone can do it. The
most important quality you need is to be reliable. It also helps to be
observant and have good writing skills. Mystery shopping is done around
the world, so there are probably mystery shops being done in your
neighborhood right now. For more information, get a copy of The Mystery Shopper's Manual
at The book includes a list of 150 companies
hiring shoppers across the US and Canada and around the world, along
with lots of insider tips.

Get paid to talk - You've seen those
people handing out samples in the grocery store or demonstrating a
product at the home show. They get paid to do that, and you can, too.
To be good at this, you need an outgoing personality. You have to be
willing to speak up and get people to try what you're offering, take a
coupon, or watch your demonstration. You can find these jobs by
watching the help wanted ads in your local newspaper. For more
information, see

paid to party - Direct sales companies, such as Tupperware, Pampered
Chef and others, offer a great way to make extra money or launch a
lucrative new career. You get paid to go to parties, do product
demonstrations and take orders. You set your own schedule, so you can
fit work into your life, not try to squeeze life in around a job. For
more information, see the Direct Selling Association at

want to be a sales representative? You can get free products by hosting
a party in your home. Look for a local representative in your phone
book and ask how you can earn free products by hosting a party.

paid to be in the movies - You don't have to live in Hollywood to be an
extra in a movie or TV show. Your city or state probably has a film
commission where you can get information about upcoming productions. Do
an Internet search for "film commission" and your city or state to find
them. My local film commission regularly lists opportunities to be an
extra in movies or TV shows, be a crew member on an independent film,
or even to get paid to be in the audience of a TV show.

Get paid
to drive - If it seems as if you are always in your car, or your car is
often parked in a high-traffic area, you can use your car to make money
by getting it painted with an ad. Advertisers look at what kind of car
you drive, its condition, where and how much you drive, how many people
see the car when it's parked and other factors when choosing cars for
these promotions. If you and your car are what they're looking for,
they will pay you to show their ad on your car. (More info:

Get paid for your opinions -
Participating in focus groups and other market research doesn't provide
regular income, and there are often limits on how often you may
participate. However, I've got lots of opinions, and I'm always happy
when I can get paid for them! I've been paid for opinions on music,
clothes, and even the scent of a laundry product. You can increase your
chances of getting selected by registering with market research
companies. Check your phone directory or the local mall to find one in
your area.

There are also many places online where you can get
paid to write opinions or reviews, or to fill out surveys. Make sure
you understand how you will be paid before spending a lot of time on
this. Many sites pay in credits that can only be redeemed with them,
but some pay in cash.

Get paid to do your own thing - When you
can make money doing something you love to do, it doesn't feel like
work at all. My main career involves speaking and writing, both things
I enjoy. I've also been paid for my opinions, made money as a mystery
shopper and been a movie extra! Use your imagination to find ways to
make money while doing what you enjoy. I call it "Solo-reneuring" and
that's how I've made my living for more than eight years. Do you love
animals? Start a pet sitting or dog walking service. If you enjoy
crafts, dance or playing an instrument, you may be able to teach a
class or offer private instruction to people who want to learn what you
know. For more information about Solo-preneuring, see

information - When considering any of these opportunities, make sure
you understand what you will be asked to do and how you will be
compensated. Then you can decide if it is worth your time and effort.

careful about paying to be listed in data bases. Some companies charge
you to apply with no guarantee of work. You may be paying for a
legitimate opportunity, or you may just be saying goodbye to $20 or
more. Find out what you will get before paying a fee.

probably won't get rich doing these things, but you can get paid to do
things you enjoy. Even if you don't make a million dollars, your life
will be richer for the joy and satisfaction you get from your work--and
you'll have at least a few extra dollars in your pocket!

Copyright Cathy Stucker, You'll find free content with lots of great information on growing your business and more at

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You Really DO Know People

When planning to work for any direct sales or party plan company, it
is always wise to start a list of contacts. When I was recruiting for
these positions, this was always one of the more frightening things for
new recruits. Many of these new sales representatives or potential
sales representatives insisted that they just did not know anyone,
especially if they were new in town.

Actually, it’s amazing at the number of contacts we all have; we just don’t realize it.

an exercise, I always had recruits take out a sheet of paper and write
down all of their close friends, co-workers and relatives first. Then I
asked them to come up more contacts, so that their list totaled at
least fifty people. That’s when almost everyone insisted that they just
didn’t know that many people.

We all do have that many contacts, though. Test yourself and see.

your paper, write down the people you see every day when you are
walking your dog. You don’t know their names? That’s okay. Write: the
young woman with the white poodle, the older gentleman with the Irish
setter. See?

Next, list the bank tellers you see frequently.
Haven’t learned their names? Shame on you. But that’s okay. Describe
them on your list so you know which ones you are referencing.

about at the grocery store? The pharmacy? Do you see the same cashiers
every time you shop? Write them down. Soon you’ll have quite a list of
contacts. You should not be shy about giving each of these people a
catalog or business card.

Some sales organizations recommend that
sales representatives actively pursue leads in church. That’s not
something I ever pushed, but it wouldn’t hurt to mention your new sales
venture with your Sunday school class or small group. While they might
not be interested in helping you with your new venture, you can rely on
them to pray for your success.

Does your car require regular servicing? That’s another place where you have regular contacts.

Do you visit the same hair stylist each month? There’s another contact.

Are you treated by a chiropractor? That office would have regular contacts.

Have you reached fifty yet?

about your pet’s veterinarian’s office? Some vet’s offices are quite
large and have plenty of office personnel and veterinarian technicians
in them.

Your mail carrier, FedX carrier, or UPS driver might
just be curious about the increase in materials and product you’ve been

Aren’t you surprised at the number of people you
really do know? Now, what’s your excuse? Why are you still reading
this? Why aren’t you on the phone or in your car delivering catalogs?

Mackenzie has been writing about home, family, faith, and nature for
over 40 years, and about business for over 20 years. This article has
been submitted in affiliation with http://www.Facsimile.Com/ which is a site for Fax Machines.

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Direct Sales Leadership Tips That You Can't Lead Without


"Leadership" in Direct Sales is one of the main things that will
determine the direction of your team. Your team sales, team growth and
the development of new team leaders are all dependant upon your ability
to lead your team in the most effective ways.

I have often heard
it said that "The speed of the leader determines the speed of the
pack", but I also believe that "The GUIDANCE of the the leader
determines the SUCCESS of the pack"!

Here are some great leadership tips that I feel can make all the difference in the world!

1. Set the example and the pace for your team

2. Never ask your team to do something that you are not willing to do yourself

3. Recognize your team members for their accomplishments

4. Encourage your team to reach their dreams and potential

5. Create "Team Spirit"

6. Make sure your team is in the "Loop" of what is happening in your company and your team

7. Praise your team members MUCH and often

8. Offer lots of motivation

9. Keep in touch in person, by phone, by email and by mail

10. Avoid negativity by you and in your team members

11. SMILE, LAUGH and have FUN!

12. Love your team! It will show through!

13. Be their BIGGEST Cheerleader!

14. Believe in them even when they can not believe in themselves.

15. Use constructive criticism; NEVER belittle or put them down.

16. Help your team members make a plan for their business

17. Send your team members a note of encouragement, recognition or motivation from time to time.

18. Create a team newsletter

19. Encourage and challenge them to reach HIGHER!

20. BELIEVE in the difference that you are making in the lives that you touch!

Teresa is the owner of and loves helping people in the areas of Direct Sales, Party Plan, Home Business and Internet Marketing.

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Network Marketing Training- The Secrets to In Home and Party Plan Meetings


In Home meetings (Private Business Receptions) and Party Plans are a
great way to introduce your new MLM business to your warm market, and
of course, there is a right way and a wrong way to do them.

What is a Private Business Reception (PBR)?

is when you invite people over to your home and have a
“social-business” network marketing meeting for about an hour or so,
and dispense information to your friends about your mlm business and
products and services.

It is a powerful way to create some
“instant success” in your business right off the bat, and you can sell
a lot of product at a home meeting, or as some companies call it, a
"party plan" or a “home party”.

Network Marketing has used this
strategy for years, and has proven to be a successful venue for your
business. Mary Kay has used it for years, as well as Beauticontrol,
Amway, Jafra, NSA, New Vision, Vision for Life, and many others as well.


a Private Business reception, or In Home Meeting, you can talk to many
people at once, which is more EFFECTIVE than doing all one on one
network marketing appointments.

If you are going to be talking to people, why not talk to them in groups?


of the biggest secrets to wealth in MLM…talk to the majority of people
you talk to in groups, whether it is a PBR, or Business Opp meetings,
or Conference Calls. It multiples your time.

Why do a PBR?

1)It is Comfortable.

Most people who you know wouldn’t mind coming over to your home and seeing a short business presentation to help you.

2)It is Convenient.

hotels are out of the way to many of your friends, and normally,
driving to a friends home is not sn ‘out of the way” thing…

3)It creates a very “familiar” environment for business.

Your friends who have been over at your home before, will see this as something that is “familiar”, and warm.

4)It creates a great ‘Social” Focus as well.

likes to socialize, and we as humans are social creatures for the most
part. This can be fun and even exciting if done well, and it has food
involved as well.

I have done numerous (hundreds) of PBRs and let me tell you, they not only were fun, but we wrote business out of them.


What do you do?

A)Decide who you want to come.

Make a list of the people you truly would like to have at your network marketing meeting, and create a list of about 30 names.

B)Send them Invitations.

them an invitation in the mail about your meeting, at least 2 weeks
before it happens. For example, a rep for a nutrition company would
send something like this:

“You are cordially invited to a Private
Business Reception at my home on Wed. the 22nd, to celebrate the
opening of our new business in the Healthcare Industry.

You will
learn how important Healthcare is today for our personal lives, and
also how to take advantage of a Trillion Dollar industry that is
growing rapidly.

It starts at --------pm, and will end in about an hour. Food and drinks will be served and there will be prizes given away.


invite is short, to the point, and tells them what it is all about.
There are many ways to write an invitation, check with your sponsor to
see what he/she recommends.

C)Buy the food and drinks for the Reception.

over do it. Sodas and finger foods are nice, and all that is really
needed. This is NOT a banquet, but a nice reception to celebrate your
mlm business. NO ALCOHOL. This is a business meeting.

D)Follow up with a phone call.

Nancy? This is Doug, I need your help on something. I recently sent you
an invitation to a reception at my home, and I am following up because
I really need you there. Can I count on you being there for me?”


Phrase: ”Can I count on you being there for me?” will double your
attendance at your meetings, as most people id they know they are being
counted on will show up.

E)Make sure all Audio Video Equipment works…

That is self explanatory.

F)Greet them when they arrive with either a gift or food.

them feel welcome and many folks have given away book markers, or
anything along those lines as a “Thank you” for coming. Food works as

G)Have a social time of about 30 minutes prior to the meeting.

Introduce your friends to those they don’t know and make sure people are eating and drinking a drink.


Have a “Host’ Mentality. Be the host and make sure everyone is comfortable.

H)Do a short 20 minute presentation on the Company, Products, and Comp plan. Check to see what your company has available.

Make your presentation fun and informational. Ask a lot of questions to your attendees, and don’t sell, but simply tell.

the presentation, hand out the “PBR Profile," say “I need your help. I
would like for you to try our products, and also we are looking for a
couple of people to partner up with to help introduce our program to
this area. You may know someone that could use a secondary revenue
source of an extra $1,000-2000 a month. Please fill out the form I just
gave you. There are 5 questions.




“Do you like the idea of (Whatever the benefits are of your products)

“Do you know someone who could use and extra $1,000 a month without changing anything they are doing?”

“What part of what you have seen tonight did you like the best?”

“What product do you believe will be the most popular?”

“Can you see yourself or someone you know becoming successful in something like this?”

This profile will help you ascertain who truly has an interest and doesn’t in network marketing.

J)Hand out the Information Packets.

These simply contain brochures, audios and any other information piece you think they need…

K)Socialize again and answer questions, and set follow up appointments.

Ask -- ”Which part did you like the best?” And then set up times to follow up one on one…


Have a few of your closest friends people bring a drink or chips. This will insure they are there and this works every time…

Also, understand the “ Law of No shows."

will have about 60-75% of the people that swear they will be there, not
show up. Expect it. It is human nature, and it’s par for the course for
a PBR. I am speaking from experience.

Yes there are exceptions, and pray you have 40% show up. WHAT A PROBLEM TO HAVE!


If you want 10 people to show up, invite 35-40, and you should have about that many show, and be thankful they do.

Follow up with the no shows and simply say,”I still need your help. When can we get together for 15 minutes?”

are many ways to do a PBR and In Home Meeting. This is just one way,
but a PROVEN way to write a lot of business in MLM and Network


Doug Firebaugh is one of the top MLM Network Marketing Trainers in the world. Over a million people a month
read his training ezine. He spent the last 7 years traveling the world speaking and training on Success.
He lives in Birmingham Michigan, and you can receive a
FREE subscription to his training ezine- The MLM
Success HEAT- at:

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Choosing the Company for You


If you haven’t given much thought to the specific direct sales or
home party sales company you’d like to join, now is the time to
consider that. In order to succeed in the home party business, it’s
important that you choose a product that you use or would use yourself.
Selling something about which you are passionate is much easier than
selling something about which you have no interest. If you don’t use
plastic containers that burp, selling them will probably be difficult.
If you don’t wear a lot of jewelry, then a jewelry home party plan is
not the one for you.

Every day, new party plans and direct sales
companies are being formed. Why? Because in the 1980’s it was
discovered that this continues to be one of the best ways of selling.
Some products really need to be seen and demonstrated, and home parties
are a way of having those products demonstrated. Even though our lives
get busier, and people say they have no time for themselves or their
families, the home party business thrives.

Perhaps you are aware
of some of the home party plans in existence. Perhaps not. Do a
computer search to find all the home party sales companies you can on
the Internet. I think you’ll be surprised at the number and at the
kinds of products offered by home parties. There are companies selling
Christian merchandise, candles, make-up, jewelry, crafts, home d├ęcor,
gifts, coffee, and much, much more.

It’s important to interject
here that home party sales is not a get-rich-quick-scheme. Working in
the direct sales/home party sales industry requires work. But the
rewards are many. Most home parties now boast of having average sales
of $300-800 per show. Most offer commissions of 20-30%. If each show
requires an hour of pre-show preparations, three hours to travel and
demonstrate, and an hour of post-show paper work, that means that each
show or demonstration will require an average of five hours of your
time. At the lowest earnings (20% of a $300 average show), the earnings
would be $60 or $12 per hour. And that’s not bad for a part time job
that allows you to choose the days and time when you work. At the
highest level (30% of $800), the earnings would be $48 per hour. That’s
why it’s important to choose the company and the products that interest
you most. If you enjoy representing the company, you’ll want to build
your business, and the chance of earning about $25 per hour of your
time is not unreasonable. But, I emphasize, the money doesn’t just come
in while you sleep. With home parties, you do have to prospect for
sales and demonstrate. And that requires your time and effort.

showing an interest in the product being offered, another deciding
factor in choosing a company to represent is what the start-up cost
will be for you. Most companies offer a sales kit which does require a
out-of-pocket expense. Most don’t charge retail prices for their sales
kits, and they include catalogs and sales tools in the kits. There are
companies that don’t charge for kits. Instead, they make the sales
consultants sign an agreement to return the kit if they don’t earn it
by selling a predetermined amount. Some companies allow you to earn
your kit by having a show in your own home. Someone else, a manager
perhaps, usually conducts that first show and reaps the benefits of the
commission. But you earn the sales kit. How much you have to invest in
a new venture will be another determining factor in choosing a home
party sales company. As you research the different companies available,
you’ll want to take note of what is required to get started.

third consideration when choosing a direct sales or home party plan
business is what training and support you can expect. If were recruited
by a local person, you can expect more training and support. Many
companies offer official training classes, regular sales meetings,
season kick-offs and award ceremonies. Brand new companies may not have
any representatives in your area, and any training may be done by video
tapes, email and long distance phone calls.

Whether you should
choose a well-known older company to represent or a brand new one, is
another thing to factor into your choice of companies. There are
reasons for choosing either. You won’t have to explain the business of
an older well-known company. People will already know. However, they
may tell you they have enough of that particular product, because
they’ve been to so many parties.

A newer company will require
that you educate your friends and relatives and the public more about
the products and the company. There probably won’t be any others in the
area on whom you can lean for support. But for many, being in on the
"ground floor” is attractive, and outweighs not having local support.

choice of what kind of product and company you’d like to represent is
your own. Although it would be nice if your friends and family will
agree to be some of your first customers, it isn’t wise to let them
choose the company you represent.

Yes, the choice is yours and
yours alone. I suggest that while you search the Net for these
opportunities, you keep track of the pros and cons of each company you
investigate. Doing research and keeping track of the benefits of each
company will help you make a wise choice.

Mackenzie worked as a Regional Manager in the home party/direct sales
industry for 15 years. She has been writing about home, family, faith
and nature for over 40 years. She is an author on http://www.Writing.Com which is a site for Creative Writers. Her portfolio can be found at http://www.Writing.Com/authors/kenzie

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Direct Sales - Party Plans aren't for Everyone!


Direct sales can be very attractive. For some reason, people think
selling through a party plan is an easy way to make money. Sometimes
the product is really cool - like jewelry or home spa products.
Sometimes you think of the discount or fun parties you will have. You
think it's a great chance to get out of the house for some FUN. There
is a problem though with party plans. They are absolutely not for

So who might not be successful when they join a home party plan?

People out of touch with their own strengths and weaknesses.

that don't find success in direct sales often believe they are more
social than they really are. They talk about how this is a great chance
to get out and about - to be around people and have fun but in truth,
they really want to stay home and wait for money to fall through the
roof. (I know - I've been there myself!)

People that fear change

talk a good talk about wanting to set goals and achieve dreams but some
want these successes to come without change on their part. Sometimes,
we talk about wanting change. We say we want to do something different
and new but honestly, just the thought of CHANGE rattles some of us to
the bone! Without change, we are stuck. Change that helps you grow as a
person is wonderful. Change that brings you financial success is
motivating. Change that leads to friendships and working with your own
team is priceless. People that want the easy road

There are
people that think direct sales is easy and that money will pour in with
little effort of their part. Nothing could be farther from the truth.
Direct sales success (just like everything else in life) is totally
dependent how much focus and energy is put into the business. There is
a direct correlation between what you put into it and how much money
you make. If you can't muster up the nerve to be out making contacts
most days then the parties will not happen, you won't recruit or book
fundraisers - you won't make money. Anything of worth in life means
work. Work fueled by your passion is FUN.

People that have lack belief

that don't have faith in the VALUE of what they offer their customers
will not succeed. Lack of faith in yourself or your business will keep
you in your home, not making the money you dreamed of making. Without
total belief in the quality of what you offer, selling is near

If you are shy or uncomfortable around people but
want to be in direct sales, there is only one true solution - fall in
love with your product. This passion of yours will help you overcome
these obstacles. Your belief in what your product can do for your
customers is what will truly motivate you to step outside your comfort
zone. Only then will you start booking parties and fundraisers that
lead to all that FUN part of direct sales and of course, the income!

in direct sales means growing and changing while learning new skills.
If you want to stay home more than be out with people, then joining a
party plan isn't going to work. If you are afraid of work or rejection,
then don't look to direct sales for your home business. If you don't
love the products you would be selling, it's a no go for direct sales.

the commission rates can be great - some direct sales companies offer
up to 50% commission plus override commissions for team building and
management. Working from home in direct sales can be lucrative and fun.
You can join many direct sales companies for less than $100 so the
start up is amazingly low compared to other business start up costs.
All of these make direct sales a great home business opportunity BUT
only for those that want to be challenged.

Are there really great
direct sales opportunities out there? Yes, indeed but only for the
right person. Before you join a direct sales company or consider
booking parties, look at what you love to do and what you are willing
to do to make it work. Otherwise, save your time and money. There are
other ways to earn money from home!

Tammy Ames is the owner of WAHM Connections. To learn more about direct sales opportunities, visit the direct sales directory at WAHM Connections Today! For support to help you grow your direct sales party plan business, discover the DSWA

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Which Home-Based Party Plan Business is Right For You?


Home party plans, for several decades, have been one of the most effective ways to earn a living or supplement the family income. The home party plan system brings people together in a pleasant environment, to share unique and exclusive products and an exciting income opportunity. This is certainly a well-proven method of generating an additional income stream.

With so many home party plans out there, how do you choose the one that's right for you? You will be investing your time, energy, and money into the home party business opportunity that you choose; therefore, take time to research the different home party plans that are available. Use the questions below to help you evaluate the products, the business, and the companies that have home-based business party plans. This will insure that you’re making a good decision for yourself, your family, and your lifestyle.

Evaluating products in home party plans:

• Do the products enrich lives? Whether you're looking to make a little extra money or a full-time income, it really helps if you’re passionate about the products and receive tangible benefits from them. Look to promote products that have an educational aspect to them and that have exceptional proven results. When an individual has experienced great results, it can make them very excited about sharing the products with their friends and family.

• Are the products consumable? Will your customers buy once and never need to purchase from you again? Or will your customers buy over and over again, creating an ongoing income stream for you? A consumable product that has a proven track record to deliver genuine results will more likely offer you repeat customers. It's much easier to sell to a repeat customer than it is to find a new one.

• Are the products exclusive and/or competitively priced? Be sure the products are competitively priced and have a distinct advantage to what may already be available. Choose a home party business opportunity that has products that are unique, effective, and have an educational aspect to them.

• Do the products come with a money back guarantee? It’s important to find a home party plan company that stands behind its products 100%. A 100% satisfaction guarantee makes customers more comfortable buying and gives them the confidence to try something new.

Evaluating the business opportunity of home party plans:

• What are the volume and monthly purchase requirements? You might want to think twice about any company that makes purchase requirements mandatory.

• What type of sales tools does the company have available? Do they have company approved websites? If so, is the cost reasonable? Do they have high quality brochures, audio, video tapes, and online presentations that you can use to promote the business and products?

• What kind of training and support is provided? It is beneficial to find a company that offers FREE on-going training.

• Do the home party company’s products sell well outside of the home party system? Look for home party companies that have numerous avenues of income for you to utilize to sell products and sign up business associates. If you can find a business that works well, both in a home party setting and provides other numerous marketing possibilities, than you have an opportunity for greater marketing exposure and growth.

• What is the compensation plan like? The compensation plan should be simple to understand and easy for you to explain to others. Look for a generous plan where promotions are both achievable and maintainable. It should reward beginners as well as career oriented consultants with a good income opportunity. Does this plan have a track record of creating part-time and/or full-time incomes. Or are there just a few making significant incomes?

• What are the company values and philosophies and are they consistany with your own?

Happy career hunting!

Dawn Hull
Professional Skin Care Consultant

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If you have any questions at all about how you can weave a work at home experience into your already very busy lifestyle, feel free to contact me via my website.

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